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The Weredragons infest the darkest lairs of the Order. Possessing all of the strength and agility of a tank, these lumbering created belch a body-blasting fireball.

The Weredragon is an enemy encountered in Heretic. They have a decent amount of health, but they're completely straightforward to deal with, lacking any unique behaviors.

Attacks & Strategy

Use any weapon you have picked up. But this may not be the cause but using the staff and attacking the Weredragon can possibly do the right way. The hectic way is to use tome of power and fireyour weapon but don't forget to use Time Bomb of Ancients and that way the dragons will be killed.


Notes & Trivia

  • The game manual lists this enemy as having a ghost form, but such is not the case. It's possible that the developers were planning on adding it originally, but dropped it for unknown reasons.

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