The Warhammer is a weapon used by the Crusader in Hexen II.

It deals decent damage, but is slow to use and small targets are tricky. The hammer either swings from side to side (55% chance), or does a downward chop for double damage but a slightly longer windup time (45% chance). The horizontal swing does 15-25 damage, and the vertical swing is 30-50.

The swing has an arc, where it can hit targets even if the aim is not centered on the target, as long as the target is within 30 degrees.

When powered up, the hammer is instead thrown. The thrown hammer does 10 damage on a direct hit, and creates three lightning bolts that each do 10 damage on the target - for a total of 40. Unlike the Hammer of Retribution, it remains thrown until it returns to the player.


  • One attack can potentially hit up to three targets, as hit detection is performed on three consecutive frames at minor angle differences. The weapon spread is tight, thus it's not something easily exploitable given the positioning needed.
  • There are three unused frames in the Left-to-Right swing animation, and two unused frames in the Right-to-Left swing. There is also an unused alternate vertical swing.

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