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  • I live in Bulgaria
  • I was born on March 28
  • My occupation is translator, database admin, poet
  • I am male

Hello, everyone. I am Vorknkx from the distant and mysterious land of Bulgaria, and I am currently the Dark Lord presiding over this fine Heretic Wiki.

I am an avid gamer, an Admin (and Bureaucrat) at Quake Wiki, part-time fan fiction and poetry writer, and a professional translator.

Purpose of the Wiki

Some of you might be wondering why this Wiki exists, condiering that there are two Doom Wikis out there, each of which has quite a lot of information about Heretic and Hexen. There are tow main reasons why this Wiki was started:

  • First, because the Doom Wikis have no coverage of Hexen II and Heretic II, mostly because they are not based on the Doom engine.
  • Second, we thought that the series deserves a Wiki of its own, one that would view its lore and characters in-depth, providing the readers with every little detail about the amazing Heretic/Hexen universe lore, the worlds it spans, and the creatures it contains.

Stuff to Do / Stuff already done

Hexen Weapons

Hexen 2 Weapons

Evil Guys


Hexen II

Portal of Praevus




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