Timon's Axe is a weapon used by Baratus in Hexen.


Timon's Axe is a small one-handed battle axe with decent swing speed. If Baratus has Blue Mana to power it, the axe will have a glowing blue outline and deal around twice the damage; upon contact with the enemy, a small flash of blue energy emanates from the point of impact.


Timon's Axe is a strong weapon, dealing large amounts of damage in a short time span for very little Mana. It's the ideal choice for rushing in and hacking away at an enemy to kill it quickly.

Its main downfall is range: being a melee weapon, the Axe is completely incapable of hitting enemies at a distance, especially Afrits flying over cliffs. In the same vein, attacking enemies with powerful ranged attacks with it can be dangerous, as Baratus is forced to close the gap to deal damage. It also puts Baratus within range of the Dark Bishops' death explosion unless the Bishop is knocked back by the killing blow. In those cases, it may be a better idea to switch to the Hammer of Retribution.

While the Axe is in general very efficient, it's possible to waste large amounts of Mana if being careless when fighting Centaurs and Slaughtaurs: each swing will drain Mana even when you attack one of these enemies while their shields are up. Wait for them to drop their guard before attacking again.

In the rare chance of you finding yourself out of Blue Mana, the Axe is still usable, though with vastly inferior damage output. In this case, the Spiked Gauntlets deal more damage at a quick swing rate, and the Hammer's melee strike hits about as hard as the powered Axe, only with a slower swing recovery.

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