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Thyrion is the primary location in Hexen II. It is the homeworld of the Paladin, Crusader, Necromancer and Assassin, and the chosen seat of power for Eidolon, the third and final Serpent Rider.


The world of Thyrion consists of four continents - Blackmarsh, Mazaera, Thysis, and Septimus. The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse bought disaster to their nations and became puppet states for Eidolon, allowing them to rule each of the continents, respectively. The remaining heroes took it upon themselves to liberate the continents and kill the generals to restore order. Before, they confront the serpent rider back at their own continent and end its evil grip of the land once and for all.

The world was once again under threat by the evil wizard Praevus, where he wanted to used the imprisonment souls of the serpent riders and turned them into his slaves to do his bidding. However, just like the serpent rider his ambitions were crushed by the heroes again joined with the Demoness, the "daughter" of Eidolon at the showdown on the fifth continent - Tulku.

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