21 - Temple of Nefertum
Temple of Nefertum
Hexen II

Hub 3: Thysis

Level Chronology

Temple of Horus
Ancient Temple of Nefertum


The Temple of Nefertum is the fourth map of Hub 3: Thysis of Hexen II. Unlike the other areas, this temple has not been spared by time - it is in a severely dilapidated condition, the murals have been ruined, and some sections have collapsed completely. Many passages are completely blocked by rubble.

Despite its poor state, the temple still conceals some important secrets.


The ruined temple seems to be dead, yet one hidden door still responds properly to its key. The player's first objective is to find Seth's time portal and travel to the ancient past.

Once the Staff of Nefertum has been found, the wheel of ages can be controlled and adjusted to the right position, which would give the player access to the Lower Crown of Egypt.

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