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Parthoris during the events of Heretic II

Parthoris is the homeland of Corvus and the Sidhe. It is one of the primary locations in Heretic, as well as the primary location of Heretic II.


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Notable Locations[]

Other Locations[]

These locations are listed on the known world map, but no further information on them exists.

  • Barren Sea
  • Biskol
  • Vorn
  • Savria
  • Vendia
  • Thurge
  • Fairbury
  • S'Chekrik
  • Forgotten City of Ice
  • Eternal Sea
  • Shalese Islands
  • Harpie Isle
  • Straits of D'Sparil

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The manual for Heretic refers to the game's setting as Earth, contrary to Heretic II, which refers to it as Parthoris. It is unknown if this was a retcon, or if Parthoris is either a location on Earth or another name for Earth itself.
  • The manual and opening cinematic of Hexen II claim that the name of Corvus' homeworld, and the name of Corvus himself, have been long forgotten by the events of the latter game.