Parias cleric
Parias the Cleric
Species Human
Homeworld Cronos
Weapons UsedMace of Contrition
Serpent Staff
Appears in Hexen

Half warrior and half mage, Parias melds the two disciplines into a lethal composite.
Parias is one of the three playable classes in Hexen. He is a cleric of the Church - a hero that combines both martial skills and magic, providing a more balanced gameplay.

In order to avoid being simply the "middle" character, the Cleric has a few unique abilities, such as unleashing poison gas clouds or draining life from his enemies.


  • Speed: 7
  • Armour: 8
  • Magic: 6
  • Strength: 6

Difficulty Levels

From a lowly believer to a true spiritual leader - there are equal opportunities for both novice and veteran players.

  • Altar Boy Very Easy
  • Acolyte Easy
  • Priest Normal
  • Cardinal Hard
  • Pope Very Hard


Mystic artifacts that mete out divine justice.


Each point of AC reduces all damage taken (except poison) by 5%. The cleric has a default armor value of 2.

Clerics are highly skilled in using shields to defend themselves, however they are not very fond of helmets:

Wearing all armor pieces raises his armor to 14 (70% reduction). However, it can be raised to 18 (90% reduction)  with the use of the dragonskin bracers.


The Cleric's use of flechettes is unique - instead of causing an explosion, they spawn a cloud of toxic gas, which is highly lethal to most enemies in the game, even some of the more powerful creatures.

The gas is toxic to the player as well and carelessness could lead to an involuntary suicide. Make sure you move away from the flechette before it breaks.

Mystic Ambit Incant

When the Cleric activates the Mystic Ambit Incant, it restores a significant amount of health to himself and his nearby allies (in cooperative play).
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