Mana is the primary source of weapon ammunition used in Hexen, Hexen II, and Heretic II.

Hexen and Hexen II

Mana is the energy used in Hexen to fuel magical weapons. It comes in blue and green forms. Each class's first weapon costs no Mana, their second uses Blue Mana, their third is powered by Green Mana, and the fourth uses both types. Mana is found in the game in containers:
  • Blue Mana: a triangular container. Gives 15 points (22 in difficulties 1 and 5).  
  • Green Mana: a cubical container. Gives 15 points (22 in difficulties 1 and 5) .
  • Combined Mana: a round container. Gives 20 points of blue and green (30 in difficulties 1 and 5).
  • In Hexen II, each container provides a different amount on mana, depending on the player's class and maximum mana.

The player can store a maximum of 200 Mana of each type in Hexen. In Hexen II, the player can surpass this limit, depending on their class and level.

Heretic II

Corvus has two types of Mana supply - Offensive and Defensive, both can be found in large and small sizes and in a Combo Mana. When picked up it is immediately added to Corvus' mana reserves.

  • Offensive Mana is green and used by Corvus' Offensive Spells and to power-up his weapons.
  • Defensive Mana is blue and used by the Defensive Spells (icluding the Tome of Power).

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