"The Legion represents human military strength, using brute force backed by magical weapons to impose a strict and inflexible order upon the populace."

- Hexen manual

The Legion is one of the three institutions that control human society on the world of Cronos, along with the Church and the Arcanum. Highly militaristic and focused on brute strength, the Legion serves as an army that suppresses any form of civil disobedience.

The institution is led by a Marshal. At the time of Hexen: Beyond Heretic, the acting Marshal was the brutal Zedek, who made a pact with the Serpent Rider Korax, pledging his loyalty in exchange for the gift of Unlife. The direct consequence of this treachery was the transformation of the once proud legionnaires into the nightmarish Ettins.

The Legion is the polar opposite of the Arcanum, focusing on physical strength and combat skills, yet they wield some magic in the form of enchanted weapons such as the Quietus.