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The Ice Mace is a weapon used by the Crusader in Hexen II.


It fires projectiles of ice, the damage is underwhelming but each projectile only costs 1 Blue Mana. The projectiles will freeze fleshy enemies and objects when brought to death, with them shattering a few seconds later. Projectiles will bounce off targets already frozen. If it instead strikes a solid wall, it will splash for a small amount of damage instead (usually only less than 10 points).

When powered up, a single projectily will fly towards a target, and release a blizzard lasint 10 seconds. A direct hit will freeze any fleshy target with less than 100 health (other targets aren't even damaged), and fall on the target which usually freezes and kills pretty quick (10 Blue Mana). The blizzard moves around randomly, and has six vertical "beams" that inflict 10 damage per frame. Targets within the blizzard itself take 5 damage per frame. In general, it can inflict significant damage to stationary targets.

Two creatures are resistant to the Ice Mace: the Ice Imp and the imp from the Stone of Summoning. They take 3 damage from direct hits from basic projectiles, and 1 damage from being in the blizzard. They still take full damage from the vertical blizzard beams.

In a multiplayer deathmatch, the Ice Mace will freeze players for 10 seconds, leaving them vulnerable to any other attack. The weapon would only kill other players from the splash effect. With a blizzard, being close to the blizzard start will flash the screen.

Notes & Trivia

  • Whenever a boss would otherwise have been frozen, it takes 10 damage instead. This tends to only affect corner cases where the target would have died anyway.
  • icemace.hc:409 shows a particular condition with "Mjolnir", the thrown warhammer, not found elsewhere in the blizzard use. It would be redundant, as the warhammer's projectile is also not a "fleshy" thing and thus wouldn't be necessary to reject that branch.
  • The ice statues don't automatically shatter enemies on the hardest difficulty level.

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