21 - The Inner Sanctum

The seemingly impenetrable Cloud Fortress is the Seraph Morcalavin's base of operations.

The Cloud Fortress is the fourth and final hub of Heretic II. It is accessed via an elevator from the Ogle Mines.

Located high in the impassable World's End Mountains, the fortress is most likely an ancient Seraph outpost that was abandoned a long time ago, and reclaimed by Morcalavin in more recent times. After the failure of the Spell of Ascension, it became Morcalavin's primary base of operations and the prime bastion of evil in the world of Parthoris.

Numerous biological and magical experiments take place within the fortress walls. The player's main tasks to deactivate the six true Tomes of Power until only the fake one remains. Then, the player can infiltrate Morcalavin's chamber and confront the fallen Seraph directly.



  • Because it's existence was unknown until recently, the Cloud Fortress does not have a map to go off of.

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