12 - K'Chekrik Hive 1

The large T'Chekrik temple and trial arenas protect the High Priestess and her nest.

Map K'Chekrik

The hive-city of K'Chekrik is the third hub of Heretic II. It is accessible from an entrance in the Katlit'k Canyon.

The insectoid T'Chekrik have carved a vast network of tunnels. While they are not directly affected by the plague, they attack any strangers on sight, fearing that they might be infected.

The city is divided into two sections - the more easily accessible male sector and the fiercely guarded females district. Corvus will have to overcome a number of challenges in order to access that lair and meet the High Priestess herself, who might know how to stop the Plague. Corvus will then be sent to the dark Ogle Mines, which is the quickest way into the mysterious Cloud Fortress.



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