46 - Courtyards of Tsok

A strange new continent awaits...

Tulku is the second and final hub of Portal of Praevus.


This hub brings the player to unfamiliar territory - the mysterious Tibet-themed continent of Tulku. Players will have to overcome several challenges before they can face Praevus himself. The first puzzles becomes evident from the moment the Hub begins - a large gate bars the way into the False Temple and an artifact is needed to open it.

Once inside the temple, it turns out it is called "false" for a reason - its secret must be breached in order to reach the Courtyards of Tsok, where players will face one of the harder challenges in the game - the Prayer Wheel Puzzle, which opens the way to the Book of the Dead.

When the three "true" temples are finally reached, the player will have to collect three magical jewels. Obtaining them, however, will requires a number of challenges as well. Once inside the Imperial palace, there will be just a few small puzzles left to solve before the encounter with Praevus.



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