"Heretic II" is a standalone game, separate from the Serpent Riders Trilogy, and continues the story of Corvus after the events of Heretic.

It was developed by Raven Software and published by Activision on November 24th, 1998.


Corvus, having been cursed by the Serpent Rider D'Sparil upon the latters death, found himself trapped in the Outer Worlds. He would spend ages wandering through them, hoping to find a way home. All his former weapons had been rendered inert, save for his single staff. Eventually, while in the midst of a battle, Corvus' Tome of Power was able to create a world ripple back to Parthoris. Upon his return, however, he found himself in the middle of yet another conflict.

Corvus and his Tome soon discovered that a magical plague had been cast across his homeworld, and that he too has been infected with it. The plague itself was created by Morcalavin, a mage of the supposedly long gone seraph race. Corvus must stop Morcalavin and find a cure to the plague in order for Parthoris to finally be at peace.


The game is different from its predecessors in that it is played in the third person. The player controls Corvus as he journeys through several different environments (some familiar).

Corvus has four different weapons at his disposal, but can also cast offensive and defensive spells this time around. He has also learned new acrobatic tricks that can be utilized in game, whether against an enemy or overcoming an obstacle. New to the series as well are shrines, which can bestow various boosts and upgrades.

Hubs and Levels

The game is divided into four main areas, with smaller areas connecting them together...

Weapons and Offensive Spells

Artifacts and Defensive Spells



Notes & Trivia

  • There is a modern compilation pack for the game, where you can also play from a first person perspective by changing the view to just behind Corvus' head.

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Heretic II - Hubs & Levels
Tutorial Tutorial 1Tutorial 2
Hub 1
Silverspring DocksSilverspring WarehousesThe Town of SilverspringSilverspring Palace
Darkmire Darkmire Swamps
Hub 2
Andoria Healer's TowerAndoria PlazaAndoria Academic QuartersAndoria Slums
Kell Mountains Kell CavesKatlit'k Canyon
Hub 3
K'Chekrik HiveK'Chekrik Hive 2The GauntletThe Trial PitLair of the Mothers
World's End Mountains Ogle MinesOgle Mines 2
Hub 4
Cloud Fortress
Morcalavin's DungeonCloud FortressCloud Fortress LabsCloud Living Quarters
Morcalavin's Inner Sanctum
Heretic II - Enemies
Normal RatGiant RatPlague SidhePlague SpreaderMyxiniHarpyGorgonG'KrokonPlague SsithraCaurthorian AssassinT'Chekrik MaleT'Chekrik FemaleOgleSeraph GuardSeraph OverlordChicken
Boss Celestial WatcherMutant SsithraTrial BeastHigh PriestessMorcalavin
Heretic II - Weapons & Artifacts
Weapons &
Weapons Durhnwood StaffHellstaffStorm BowPhoenix Bow
Offensive Spells Flaming FistThunder BlastSphere of AnnihilationFirewallIron Doom
Defensive Spells Tome of PowerRing of RepulsionTeleportMeteor SwarmMorph Ovum
Lightning Shield
Ammunition Mana ( OffensiveDefensiveCombo ) • HellOrbStorm ArrowsPhoenix Arrows
Healing Health VialHealth Potion
Shrines SpiritManaLungs of the SsithraReflectiveArmorBladeGhostChaosLight of the SeraphFlight
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