To use these cheat codes in Heretic, simply type the code from the input column below during gameplay to get the desired effect. These codes will not work on the highest skill level (except for ravmap).

Input Effect
quicken God Mode (except telefragging)
ponce Full Health
kitty No Clipping Mode
massacre Kills all enemies on the level.
rambo All weapons with maximum ammo and maximum armor (100 in Shareware, 200 in Full).
skel All Keys

Gives player items.
First # for item (a-j), second # for amount (1-9):

a - Ring of Invulnerability
b - Shadowsphere
c - Quartz Flask
d - Mystic Urn Full Version Only
e - Tome of Power
f - Torch
g - Time Bomb of the Ancients
h - Morph Ovum
i - Wings of Wrath
j - Chaos Device Full Version Only
Note: "gimmez0" will give the player 5 of each item.

shazam Activates a Tome of Power, even if the player doesn't have one.

Level Warp
First # for the episode, second # for the level.


First input - Reveals entire map (with secrets)
Second input - Reveals remaining enemy and item placement.
Third input - Reverts to normal.

ticker Activates Developer Mode
noise Sound Debug
cockadoodledoo Transforms player into a Chicken.
iddqd Kills player
idkfa Takes away all players weapons except for Staff
Note: The Elven Wand will be unavailable to regain, since it is not included in the weapon pickups.


  • iddqd is the code for God Mode in Doom, and therefore is intentionally added to have the opposite effect in this game for those who think the two games use the same cheats.
    • Likewise, idkfa is the Doom cheat for all weapons, ammo, and keys.
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