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"Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders" is an expansion pack for Heretic, consisting of two new episode that continue the story from where the original game left off. It was developed by Raven Software and published by id Software in March of 1996.

After defeating D'Sparil, Corvus finds himself wandering through other dimensions conquered by the Serpent Rider, in search of a way back home.


This expansion pack contains an additional 2 episodes, picking up right after Corvus defeats D'Sparil. They are considered to be a lot more challenging than the original 3 episodes...

Despite this, there are no new monsters, weapons, or other gameplay changes.


Notes & Trivia[]

  • The original version of Heretic with three episodes was subsequently discontinued in favor of this expanded release.
  • A free content patch was downloadable from Raven's website to update the original Heretic to match Shadow of the Serpent Riders.

External Links[]

  • Shadow of the Serpent Riders on MobyGames
  • Purchase Shadow of the Serpent Riders on Steam

Heretic - Episodes & Levels
Episode 1
City of the Damned
The DocksThe DungeonsThe GatehouseThe Guard TowerThe CitadelThe Cathedral
The CryptsHell's MawThe Graveyard
Episode 2
Hell's Maw
The CraterThe Lava PitsThe River of FireThe Ice GrottoThe CatacombsThe Labyrinth
The Great HallThe Portals of ChaosThe Glacier
Episode 3
The Dome of D'Sparil
The StorehouseThe CesspoolThe ConfluenceThe Azure FortressThe Ophidian Lair
The Halls of FearThe ChasmD'Sparil's KeepThe Aquifer
Episode 4
The Ossuary
CatafalqueBlockhouseAmbulatorySepulcherGreat StairHalls of the Apostate
Ramparts of PerditionShattered BridgeMausoleum
Episode 5
The Stagnant Demesne
Ochre CliffsRapidsQuayCourtyardHydratyrColonnadeFoetid Manse
Field of JudgementSkein of D'Sparil
Extra Episode
Fate's Path
Raven's LairThe Water ShrineAmerican's Legacy
Heretic - Enemies
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Armor Silver ShieldEnchanted Shield
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