The Hammer of Retribution is a weapon used by Baratus in Hexen.


When swung, the hammer sends out a copy of itself that explodes on impact for 3 Green Mana, dealing both direct and splash damage. It can be used at melee range or when out of Mana, whereupon it'll deal about as much damage as a powered slash from Timon's Axe, though at a slower swing recovery rate.


This is actually Baratus's most versatile weapon, and given its low Mana usage and good range, should be used in preference to Quietus unless there are many monsters bunched together side by side. The projectiles' splash damage in particular makes it ideal for crowd control in tight chokepoints.

Contrary to what it may seem, in practice the Hammer is not a bad choice in confined areas:

  • Unlike with Quietus, the melee capability means there won't be a waste of Mana on a weak enemy that surprises the player.
  • There's no need to swap weapons to attack at range, unlike with Timon's Axe.
  • The player is immune to the splash damage of their own projectiles.

In case the player wants to conserve Blue Mana, the Hammer can be used in place of the Axe in a hit-and-run strategy, as the delay between the Attack button being pressed and the swing connecting is the exact same in both weapons, with the only difference being that the Hammer takes longer to be swung again. If a fast swing rate is preferable, the Spiked Gauntlets are better.


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