The Golden Egg (not having an official name) is an unused item found in Hexen.


The egg is not an official item, and therefore cannot legitimately be obtained in the game itself. The player must used the cheat code INDIANA, which gives them all available items including the egg.

Due to the similar appearance and intended effect, the egg is most likely a counterpart to Heretic's Morph Ovum. However, even within the players grasp, it does not seem to work properly. Using it will fire 5 projectiles at a target, but upon contact, the transformed enemy will be invisible. This is most likely due to the fact that it was to have transformed into a chicken, and the game does not have that sprite-set in its library (the pigs having replaced them).


  • Unlike the Porkelator, this item actually has an effect on bosses.
  • Some may refer to this item as a literal Easter Egg, though it's possible the developers added this in by mistake.

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