The Glyph of the Ancients is a support artifact found in Hexen II.


This artifact is used offensively, but has a different effect depending on the character class using it.

  • Crusader - The effect is similar to the Time Bomb of the Ancients. The Glyph appears in the air for a few seconds and then explodes, dealing splash damage.
  • Paladin - Throws the Glyph like a hand grenade, causing a large fiery explosion.
  • Assassin - Works like a trip-mine. Attaches the Glyph to a wall, after which it produces a chain that stretches to the opposite wall. If something touches the chain, the Glyph explodes, dealing splash damage.
  • Necromancer - Works like a proximity mine. The Glyph hovers in the air and stands still. If a hostile creature approaches it, the Glyph slowly floats towards it and detonates on impact, dealing splash damage.
  • Demoness - Throws the Glyph like a grenade, after which it starts to exude clouds of toxic gas, which hurts nearby enemies. The Demoness herself is immune to the gas.


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