Half-demon and half-bat, these wicked red beasts are the Order's guard dogs of the sky.

The Gargoyle is an enemy encountered in Heretic.

It appears as a small red imp-like beast with wings. Although they are the weakest enemy in the game, there are swarms of them throughout the game and they can be a nuisance during battles with stronger foes.

Attacks & Strategy

The Gargoyle attacks by flying at the player and the scratching him/her with its claw.

Use the Gauntlets of the Necromancer to kill the Gargoyle. Simply wait for the Gargoyle to fly in for an attack and let it run straight into the electrical bolts. If the Gargoyle keeps its distance, give chase or better yet, switch to the Elven Wand.

The Elven Wand is more than enough to take down a group, just keep them all in front and step back if one or two get a little too close.

The Gargoyle is way down on the pecking order. If the player is facing a group of different enemies, the Gargoyle should be ignored and concentration should be on anything else. Due to the Gargoyle's attack, it will very easily get in the way of a fight with a stronger enemy and get killed by either the player's or another monsters attack in the crossfire. Only if all other monsters are killed or if the player takes cover should the Gargoyle be targeted.


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