Fate's Path is a strange place that few mortals dare to explore...

Episode 6, unofficially known as Fate's Path, is a bonus episode of Heretic, and part of the Shadow of the Serpent Riders expansion. It is not accessible from the episode selection menu (except in the wHeretic source port).


The episode consists of three levels, which were either unused maps (leftovers from the game's development) or intended for deathmatch, however they are perfectly suited for solo play as well (they are fully stocked with monsters, weapons, ammo and artifacts).


Note: All level names are unofficial.

Notes & Trivia

  • In the original three-episode version of Heretic, there was one extra level, which appeared as E4M1. In the expanded version, this level is, in fact, E6M3: American's Legacy.
  • The last level of this mini-episode does not have any exits, which means that players cannot proceed any further. Adding a level exit with a map editor and attempting to use it causes the game to crash.

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