Episode 3 features highly ornate temples, with water being a large part of their design.


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The Dome of D'Sparil is the third episode of Heretic. This originally was its final until Shadow of the Serpent Riders was released.


The action takes place within the Serpent Rider's lair on the bottom of the ocean, protected under huge crystal domes. This is D'Sparils main seat of power in the conquered world of Parthoris.

Most of the levels consist of castles or temples with a richly decorated opulent style, featuring many tiled walls and stained glass windows. Water is a common theme throughout the episode, appearing as pools, flooded natural caverns and decorative designs.

The episode's final battle is against D'Sparil himself, who rides his fearsome Chaos Serpent. His inner sanctum contains a large dimensional portal, which takes Corvus to the corrupted realm known as The Ossuary.


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