As the name suggests, the entirety of first episode takes place in and around the various structures of the City.


Episode Map

The City of the Damned is the first episode of Heretic. It is also the shareware episode of the game and as such does not include all weapons and monsters.


The City of the Damned is, in fact, the former capital city of the Sidhe elves, conquered by D'Sparil's forces. The episode's style is distinctively Gothic/medieval city-like and the levels are primarily made up of stone buildings. At the very heart of the city lies the gateway to Hell's Maw.

Guarding this gateway are the Iron Liches (1-3, depending on your skill level), the bosses of this episode.


Notes & Trivia

  • In Heretic II, it is revealed that city's actual name is "Silverspring".

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