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Duke's Seal is an item featured in Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus.


Mage Razumen that dwelled in the village of Turnabel wanted to gain access to catacombs beneath the Duke's Keep in Blackmarsh. However, the local duke was not very fond of Razumen's idea, considering him a madman. He order a barrier preventing access to The Halls of Dead be set up and then used his seal to lock Razumen's cabinet in one of his rooms. The cabinet contains the Scroll of Enchantment that if used properly, could nullify the effects of the barrier.

The player's character is required to acquire this seal, so that he may unlock the cabinet and retrieve the scroll. This scroll must be then used to enchant a ballista overlooking the barrier. Now that the ballista is enchanted, the projectiles can damage magical forces holding the barrier together.

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