Dark phr

Dark Pharaoh's sacrophagus, ready for his final journey

The Dark Pharaoh is an ancient ruler of the continent of Thysis in the world of Thyrion. During his life, he built many temples and earned the favor of Horus. His embalmed body was laid to rest within a sarcophagus, which is placed upon a ritual boat in a water canal.

The Dark Pharaoh is involved with the puzzles that the player has to solve in the Hub 3: Thysis of Hexen II. This icnludes finding the Pharaoh's secret tomb in the Pharaoh's Palace and bring the four Canopic Jars to their respective resting places. As an additional task, players will have to return the Pharaoh's scepter to its rightful place in the Pyramid of Anubis.

Once these tasks have been completed, the Dark Pharaoh will begin his journey into the Afterlife, which will open the way to the Temple of Light.

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