Daedolon mage
Daedolon the Mage
Species Human
Homeworld Cronos
Weapons UsedSapphire Wand
Frost Shards
Arc of Death
Appears in Hexen

Physically weak but strong in spirit, Daedolon weaves the very fabric of reality with his powerful spells.
Daedolon is one of the three playable classes in Hexen. He is a mage of the Arcanum.

The Mage is fragile and is therefore focused on ranged combat - the farther he is from his enemies, the better. He is also the slowest of the three classes, which can make certain jumps challenging and in some cases impossible.

This is a realtively difficult class to play, mostly due to the need to keep your distance from your enemies, which is not always possible. Cramped areas are particularly dangerous to him. Low armor means that the Mage loses health quicker than the other heroes.

Despite his weaknesses, his magical attacks become stronger as you progress through the game and this compensates. Once he has Bloodscourge, he can pretty much stand up to anything.


  • Speed: 4
  • Armour: 2
  • Magic: 10
  • Strength: 4

Difficulty Levels

From a lowly parlor magician to an undisputed master of the arcane arts - there are equal opportunities for both novice and veteran players.

  • Apprentice Very Easy
  • Enchanter Easy
  • Sorcerer Normal
  • Warlock Hard
  • Archimage Very Hard


Magical tools unleashing the greatest power known to man.


Each point of AC reduces all damage taken (except poison) by 5%. The Mage has a default armor value of 1, the lowest of the three classes.

He benefits the most from magic amulets. Being physically weak, he is not comfortable with heavy mesh armor:

Wearing all armor pieces raises his armor class to 12 (60% reduction). However, it can be raised to 16 (80% reduction) with the use of the dragonskin bracers.


The Mage uses the flechette in a manner similar to the Time Bomb of the Ancients - it appears in the air and explodes after a few seconds, dealing splash damage. The player can also be hurt by the blast if they don't move away immediately.

Mystic Ambit Incant

When the Mage activates the Mystic Ambit Incant, it gives some mana to himself and his nearby allies (in cooperative play).
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