D'Sparil is an enemy encountered in Heretic, one of the three Serpent Riders, and the main antagonist of the game.

He is confronted at the end of The Dome of D'Sparil. riding a Green Chaos Serpent. Once his mount has been defeated, D'Sparil fights his enemy using his own powers.

Attacks & Strategy

D'Sparil riding his Chaos Serpent

  • Lightning Bolt

D'Sparil launches a bolt of lightning at which travels forwards rather fast.

  • Teleport

D'Sparil teleports between certain areas of the arena, the more damaged he is, the more eager he becomes to teleport, making landing shots more difficult as the fight progresses.

  • Summon Disciples

D'Sparil summons two of his Disciples to aid him in combat. D'Sparil can seemingly summon as many Disciples as he pleases, filling the entire arena with them as the battle wears on.

D'Sparil himself is a tough enemy, with a fast and damaging attack and more resilient than even the Maulotaur, however his ability to summon a seemingly endless number of Disciples to aid him in combat is what makes this battle very difficult. Very quickly the arena will be an ocean of Disciples, all firing their attacks together and it becomes a true struggle of survival getting by the Disciples, avoiding their attacks and chasing D'Sparil, trying to land as many hits as possible before he teleports away.

Notes & Trivia

  • The name "D'Sparil" almost certainly comes from one of id Software's earliest games, The Catacomb; level 12 of this is called "The Tomb of Desparil".

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