Cronos is the primary location in Hexen: Beyond Heretic, a human realm whose magic is stronger and more tightly controlled than that of Parthoris. It is the homeworld of Baratus, Parias, and Daedolon, and the chosen seat of power for Korax, the second Serpent Rider.


Cronos and its people are governed by an uneasy alliance between three powerful organizations. The Legion, ruled by Zedek, represents the magical military strength used to impose order on the populace. The Arcanum, ruled by Menelkir, is the center of knowledge for all magic and determines who is permitted to learn its secrets. The Church, ruled by Traductus, acts as a buffer between the two others, combining both magic and military strength while also furthering its own interests.

Not long after Korax's arrival, all three rulers struck a deal to trade Cronos in exchange for unlimited power. They became the serpent riders trusted servants, leaving it up to their former students to save the world from destruction.

Known Locations

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