Baratus fighter
Baratus the Fighter
Species Human
Homeworld Cronos
Weapons UsedSpiked Gauntlets
Timon's Axe
Hammer of Retribution
Appears in Hexen

Trained by the Legion, Baratus is a master of the weapons and the mystical artifacts of his order.
Baratus is one of the three playable classes in Hexen. He is a fighter of the Legion and as such he possesses great physical strength but minimal knowledge of magic.

Baratus is the fastest and most heavily armored of the three classes. He is able to make longer jumps than any of the other heroes, easily reaching areas that could be challenging to the others.

He is focused on melee fighting, which means that players need to adopt a more aggressive playing style. The Fighter class is relatively easy to play - you just need to get close enough to your enemies and hack them with your powerful weapons.

Unlike other classes, the Fighter has two melee weapons, however two of them can be used even without mana (though with decreased functionality).


  • Speed: 10
  • Armour: 10
  • Magic: 1
  • Strength: 10


From a lowly Legion recruit to an unstoppable war machine - there are equal opportunities for both novice and veteran players.

  • Squire Very Easy
  • Knight Easy
  • Warrior Normal
  • Berserker Hard
  • Titan Very Hard


Crude and simple, yet quite deadly.


Each point of AC reduces all damage taken (except poison) by 5%. The fighter has a default armor value of 3, the highest of the three classes.

A true Fighter benefits the most from a strong mesh armor, rather than magical baubles:

Wearing all armor pieces raises his AC to 16 (80% reduction). However, it can be raised to 20 (100% reduction) with the use of the dragonskin bracers.


Hardly having any knowledge of magic, Baratus uses the flechettes in a very simple way - throws it like a grenade.

The flechette can explode immediately if it hits a monster, or it can bounce on the floor a few times and stand still for 3-4 seconds before exploding.

The explosion causes some splash damage and could hurt the player as well.

Mystic Ambit Incant

When the Fighter activates the Mystic Ambit Incant, it gives 1 additional point of armor to him and all nearby allies (in cooperative play).
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