The Amulet of Protection is an armor artifact found in Hexen II.


As with all armors in Hexen II, this can absorb up to 20 points of damage. The percent of damage absorbed by the amulet of protection is as follows:

  • Paladin: 5% absorption
  • Crusader: 15% absorption
  • Necromancer: 25% absorption
  • Assassin: 10% absorption
  • Demoness: 10% absorption

When damage is absorbed, it is deducted from the amount of damage that the amulet can absorb. If multiple armors are in use, the amount of absorbed damage is added, but is instead applied equally to each armor in use.


  • The Hexen equivalent of this item is the Amulet of Warding.
  • The displayed AC misrepresents the protection provided by the armor - specifically, the displayed AC is given an arbitrary value (8 for paladin, 2 for necromancer), and has +1 added for each 5 points of armor. The actual armor protection is shown in the info screen rather than the status bar.

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